"Spoon" Pendant

“Spoon” Pendant

“Spoon” Pendant Lamp Spoon is an ethereal daisy of folded metal on a bouquet of metal stalks. This decorative pendant fixture inspired by nature has…

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"Continus" Coffee Table

“Continus” Coffee Table

“Continus” Coffee Table This table’s sculptural supporting element is made from a single piece of folded metal. Its unusual form emanates a surprising sense of…

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"Lifo" Wall Lamp

“Lifo” Wall Lamp

“Lifo” Wall Lamp The uncluttered lines of Lifo derive from its two arms of unequal length extending from a central shaft. Each arm ends in…

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"Poli-Mi" Mirror

“Poli-Mi” Mirror

“Poli-Mi” Mirror At once singular and plural, Poli-Mi lies somewhere between a work of art and a functional object. Made of polygonal mirrors hung in…

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"Pisto" Table

“Pisto” Table

“Pisto” Table Understated, yet modern in style, the Pisto table offers a subtle blend of forms and materials. Its metal legs are made of flat,…

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"Epicure" Armchair

“Epicure” Armchair

“Epicure” Armchair Epicure embodies comfort and elegance. Finely modeled upholstered elements topped by a headrest nestle in an indented hemispheric shell, creating a welcoming whole…

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"Squera" Table Lamp

“Squera” Table Lamp

“Squera” Table Lamp The Squera table lamp is a study in contrast. The massive cylindrical base supports an ethereal frame with rounded edges. The slight…

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"Ganache" Chair

“Ganache” Chair

“Ganache” chair Light and graceful, Ganache is a molded shell incorporating feminine curves. The star-shaped base is in cast aluminum. Friendly and comfortable, the “Ganache”…

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"Zigo" Shelf

“Zigo” Shelf

“Zigo” Shelf The Z-shaped metal wall bracket of this decorative shelving holds four boards of identical length. Their asymmetric positioning creates display space of varying…

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"Sofu" Pouf

“Sofu” Pouf

“Sofu” Pouf Of Japanese inspiration, the Sofu pouf features a curved wooden back and a faceted foam seat. Ample and comfortable, its original design, juxtaposition…

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"Bridge" Desks

“Bridge” Desks

“Bridge” Desks Functional and practical, the 20 Bridge desks were conceived as shared work spaces. The 8 meter-long central metal support holds computer CPUs below…

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