Pop-Up House: a new approach to passive house building

Pop-Up House: a new approach to passive house building

MultiPod Studio devotes its work to innovation in the construction industry.

     >>>The goal is to build accessible passive houses.

Multipod Studio has developed the Pop-Up House concept; a unique approach to passive prefabricated construction. The entire structure of the Pop-Up House (floors, walls, ceiling) can be constructed by assembling insulating blocks with wooden panels.


Rapid Installation
Use of lightweight materials. No special tools required, assembles like Lego.

Low Cost
Inexpensive materials. Very short assembly time.

Use of recyclable materials. Quick disassembly.

Outstanding Insulation
Loss of only 0.11 W/m² K (PASSIVHAUS label compliant).
No thermal bridge at wall, ceiling junctions.
Almost no additional heating required.


lien popup house 2

Completed projects:

2 bâtiments

An international patent application is pending.


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